This hot new summer trend is taking shorts to a whole new level. Literally! Inseams are becoming smaller on mens shorts and the ladies are giving their approval! Finding the right inseam length for your body shape and comfortableness is important when wanting to wear this trend. We’re breaking down the lengths and what works best for each type.

7" inseam: This is the most common length for shorts to be tailored to and worn for most men.  They will generally fit a little above the knee for an average sized male and are comparable to a “board short” feel. For the guy who wears jeans to every event, opt for a 7 inch inseam short to still be comfortable in summertime weather.  

5" inseam: You start to get a little daring with this pair and your significant other loves it! A 5" inseam will typically fit about mid thigh length. If this is a problem area on your body, opt for a relaxed fitting material. If you don’t mind showing a little thigh look for pastel colored fabrics and prints!

3" inseam: This is by far the most challenging length for men to feel comfortable in as it falls right below the buttocks area. This length can be tricky to pull off. First, make sure your undergarments are not showing past the length of the shorts. (Trust us, it happens!) Second, if you’re rocking these short shorts own it! Confidence is key in trying a new fashion and showing off what you got!