Protecting your skin from the sun’s harmful rays can help prevent early signs of aging and skin concerns.  Vitamin C should be your best friend this summer! It uses antioxidants to shield skin from damaging radicals as well as promotes healthy skin benefits.

Reduces Brown Spots
  Dark spots can occur from large amounts of sun exposure and can appear over time. This discoloration can be reduced by using Vitamin C as a daily and nighttime routine.

Helps Boost Collagen Production
 With an abundance of antioxidants in Vitamin C, collagen production is promoted leading to firmer skin and healthy skin cells.

Reduces Inflammation and Irritation
 The ascorbic acid found in Vitamin C is a powerful ingredient used to reduce redness and dissolve inflammation in the skin that likely arise from acne and stress related problems.

You should also treat your skin after sun exposure. Use our Green Tea & Vitamin C Shaving Cream for Men that is proven to help with skin concerns due to sun damage.