If your physical activity gets you moving and sweating, you can rest assured that it’s having a positive impact on your skin health. Ever catch a glance of yourself in the mirror following a heart-pumping session and wonder – does my skin look healthier? The answer is, yes! Not only are you healthier, but so many good things are happening to you when you are active.


An Increased Heart Rate Means Increased Blood Flow

Blood circulation is one of your body’s most important functions. When your blood vessels dilate as you exercise, your circulation improves, which promotes cell renewal and healthier skin.

Managing Stress Can Make A Major

Difference Stress is an investable part of life. While we can’t totally avoid it – most of us can do things to drastically reduce our stress levels. The main motivation for us all can be found in our biology. When you are stressed your body releases a stress hormone called cortisol. This hormone can have damaging effects on your overall health – especially your appearance. You can combat this hormone by opting for regular physical activity, giving your body the que to release the kind of chemicals (endorphins) that are on your side.

Sweat for the Purge

Sweat will help you rid your pores of toxins that can cause breakouts and other problematic skin conditions. Exercise pushes your glands to purge your pores of the environmental material that can clog them. And if all of that isn’t convincing enough – a good workout helps your body produce collagen. That stuff that can keep you looking skin fit  by keeping dry and sagging at bay.

Striving for a min 30 minutes of moderate exercise daily to do the trick.