Pomegranate is the new “it” food. But it is also an amazing ingredient in providing you with healthy skin benefits through skincare products. Here are our top reasons why we love pomegranate for our skin and why it’s one of the best skin products for men:

Keeps Skin Hydrated

Pomegranate juice is the best aid in replenishing dry and dull skin. When applied directly to the skin, it gives the skin added moisture from sun exposure and other harmful daily radicals. 

Helps reduce acne
Antioxidants are packed into pomegranates. These help to combat inflammation and irritation deep down into the skins pores where acne problems can arise.

Help with anti aging 
Anti aging factors can come from diet, sun exposure, and hereditary means. Using a pomegranate topical can help reduce brown spots and discoloration that can result from these factors.

Use our Pomegranate and Glycolic pre-shave to get all the added benefits for your skin from this great fruit!