There are many skincare products available either by prescription or over-the-counter. And they all have a bevy of ingredients formulated to give you softer, smoother, and healthier skin. But one overlooked ingredient has a history that stretches back for centuries as one of the world's older herbal remedies. So if you're genuinely invested in natural skincare, it's time to take a closer look at the benefits of licorice root extract.

What Is Licorice Root Extract?

The Glycyrrhiza glabra plant is native to Southern Europe and parts of Western Asia, and it is also where we get black licorice. For this reason, to say nothing of its tongue-twisting scientific name, Glycyrrhiza glabra is often simply referred to as the licorice plant. Derived from the roots of the licorice plant, licorice root extract has been used for multiple medicinal purposes for years.

Licorice root extract is commonly used topically to help with various skin conditions. The extract is filled to the brim with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds. This composition makes it perfect for keeping your skin hydrated and smooth.

The Benefits of Licorice Root Extract For Your Skin

You're probably wondering what exactly licorice root extract can do for your skin. Honestly, it would be easier to detail what it can't do for your skin because the list of benefits is impressive and extensive. But you don't have to take our word for it. Instead, here are some of the great things licorice root can do for you.

It helps fight skin discoloration

If you struggle with patches of discoloration or dark spots on your skin, boy, do we have good news. Licorice root extract is a natural alternative to the chemical compound hydroquinone, which is the quintessential prescription for dark spots. Unfortunately, hydroquinone has some side effects that most folks would want to avoid. Fortunately, licorice root extract has none of those side effects. 

Licorice root extract fights skin discoloration in two ways. First, it inhibits the overproduction of tyrosinase, an enzyme responsible for melanin production. At the same time, licorice root extract removes excess melanin to prevent new dark spots and patches of discoloration from forming. 

It Acts As An Antioxidant

There is a mountain of conditions that can trace their origin back to an excess of free radicals, so anything with antioxidants is good in our book. And licorice root extract contains a healthy dose of flavonoids, a compound responsible for decreasing reactive oxygen species. So with licorice root extract, you can protect your skin as you clean and moisturize it.

Contains Potent Anti-Inflammatory Compounds

Inflammation is the archnemesis of clear and healthy skin. Itching, redness, and burning can all trace their origins back to some form of inflammation. But, on top of the flavonoids that already act as both antioxidant and anti-inflammatory compounds, licorice root extract contains a molecule called licochalcone A, which inhibits two different inflammatory markers. So, with licorice root extract, you don't have to worry about redness or irritation due to cold weather, shaving, or the general wear and tear of life.

Protects Your Skin From The Sun

Sun damage is a significant problem for many people, especially those who want to spend time out on the beach. Fortunately, much like white tea, licorice root extract can block the inflammatory enzymes and compounds that express themselves after intense sun exposure. By doing so, the extract can alleviate the inflammation and discomfort of sunburn and help prevent it. And even men of color aren't immune to the ravaging effects of prolonged sun exposure, so licorice root is highly recommended if you want to tan instead of burn.

Add Licorice Root Extract To Your Routine

Your skin deserves to be pampered and treated well, which means your skincare routine should include the best possible ingredients and formulas for the best possible results. Licorice root extract can keep your skin hydrated, soothe irritation, prevent sun damage, and protect your skin from free radicals. In addition, using products that contain licorice root extract will help you look and feel your best.

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