Maintaining your health and looks is important to you, which is why you are dedicated to your active lifestyle. Unfortunately, there may be one problem with your workout regimen- pesky breakouts. Don't worry! This minor nuisance won't trouble you after learning what you can do to prevent it with our guide.

Cleanse Immediately

To protect your skin, shower immediately after working out. Even waiting a half-hour could be too long to let bacteria hang out on your skin. 

Sometimes, depending on your schedule, it may be difficult to grab a shower right away. Whether you prefer showering at home and have a long ride there from the gym, or you prioritize grabbing a bite to eat first, your routine doesn't have to change much to avoid skin breakouts. 

If you can't (or don't want to) shower immediately after your workout, try to bring a washcloth to the gym that you can wet and wipe your body down with, particularly areas that are prone to breaking out. Quickly removing bacteria from your skin is the most fundamental first step towards clear skin.

Choose Clothing Wisely

Breakouts can often be the result of your choice of clothing. Tight-fitting clothes that don't allow your skin to breathe create a build-up of moisture and bacteria. They can also create friction that is irritating to skin follicles and cause them to become inflamed, resulting in acne-like, red bumps on your skin.

This problem can easily be avoided by choosing clothing that is loose and made from breathable material that is moisture-wicking to provide a healthy, non-irritating environment for your skin. 


Another best practice for eliminating acne is exfoliating. You can accomplish this easily in the shower by scrubbing affected areas thoroughly, but without causing harsh irritation. By removing dead skin, you will keep your pores from becoming clogged, which is a major cause of breakouts.

Sometimes, scrubbing is not enough for your exfoliating routine. You may need to find an exfoliating scrub to help remove the grime. When shopping for products, stick with high quality, natural options for your skin. 

Use Cleansers

Even if you apply the above advice to your daily routine, you may need to kick your self-care regimen up a notch with skin cleansing products. You will want to find natural products that are gentle on your skin and work to kill acne-causing bacteria. 

The key ingredient to look for when buying cleansers that prevent breakouts is salicylic acid. This ingredient will deeply cleanse and help to eliminate unwanted bacteria while leaving your skin feeling fresh.

If you have particularly oily skin, it may be best to try an oil-free cleanser. A great product to try is our Blackberry & Salicylic Cleanser, which combines both of these benefits into one bottle.


Keeping your skin clean and dry is a great start to warding off acne, but your skin is a living organ that requires moisture as well. While you want to remove sweat and bacteria, you can also strip your skin of its natural moisture. Causing dryness can be just as harmful when it comes to breakouts. 

You can easily prevent this from happening by applying a natural moisturizer after completing your cleansing ritual to help re-hydrate your skin.

Apply Best Practices

Preventing breakouts after a workout is easy when following these simple guidelines; remember to remove sweat from your skin as soon as possible, choose your gym clothes wisely, and enjoy our multitude of skin care products designed to help you exfoliate, cleanse, and hydrate your skin using natural ingredients.

Dealing with acne can be a pain, but with a few minor changes to your routine and by introducing products that will protect your skin, you can eliminate breakouts effectively in no time. Contact us for more information on finding the perfect skin care regimen for you.