If you have ever searched for the best men’s skin care products, likely you were overwhelmed with the abundance of options. There are men’s skin care products, men’s shaving creams, anti-aging cream for men, and custom skincare products, not to mention the best hair products for men and men’s grooming products in general. The list can go on and on…

There are some straightforward steps you can take to improve your skin and make the most of your complexion. Here are the top five:

1) It may sound elemental, but cleanse your skin regularly. Estheticians everywhere will tell you that men’s skin can have larger pores with active sebaceous glands. What that mean is that cleanliness is next to godliness. Large pores can collect dirt easily. Sebaceous glands create oil. Taken together and without the proper cleansing tools and schedule is a recipe for disaster.

2) Learn how to exfoliate. Cleansers wash away dirt and oil on the surface of your skin only. However, proper exfoliating will also remove dead skin cells. By removing this layer of your skin, you are letting a brighter and smoother layer of skin show through. When it comes to men’s anti-aging products, a good exfoliator is essential. Normally, twice weekly exfoliating is sufficient and maintaining that schedule will produce noticeably clearer skin.

3) Consider masks for men. Don’t assume that pampering skin and nourishing masks are only for the ladies. All men seeking anti-aging skincare should consider weekly or bi-monthly masks. Not only can they tighten skin, but they can remove buildup that leads to a brighter and more toned look.

4) Use quality shave products for men and barber supplies to help your skin stay clear. Particularly if nicks, razor burn, razor bumps, or cuts are chronic, consider additional skin aids. The top men’s shaving products include aloe to help ease irritation. Using sharp razor blades also can help to keep your face smooth. If you have particularly thick beard hair, consider using a pre-shave oil to help soften hair and get a smoother shave. Also, the air in foam gels help to ease razor burn and bumps.

5) Keep your hair clean. It may seem obvious, but human hair has oil. Oil can cause breakouts and redness, particularly around the scalp area. Men’s hair care products are available with all types of special additives that can help; products that clarify, neutralize, and manage pH balance are all useful when it comes to keeping hair clean. Gels, pomades, and conditioners are other good sources.

A clear complexion for men is achievable, but it takes commitment to good grooming habits. Implement the above five steps into your skin routine and you will see noticeable improvements.