Explore the differences between skin types and learn about the best skin care products for men.

There are many differences between male skin and female skin. Consequently, the best skin care products for men are not the same as those for women.

According to the Dermal Institute, men’s skin is rougher and the stratum corneum is thicker. The better men’s skincare products account for this. The ingredients accommodate the differences and help to nourish the skin. Men tend to have oilier skin, too, and so the best men skincare products don’t add to the problem.

Sebum production is also different between men and women. Sebum is the oily secretion that comes from the sebaceous glands. Particularly after puberty, sebum production continues to be greater in males. This is often why more men suffer from long-term acne. As such, it is important to find men’s skin care products that can help to eliminate the oil and provide a better pH balance to the skin.

Many men shave on a daily basis. This can cause skin rash. Men’s grooming products often have specific ingredients that will address the rash and help to relieve irritation. Men skincare products are often quite different from typical shave products for men.

At HIMistry, the focus is on men’s grooming products. Significant research and development has taken place to explore the differences in skin between men and women. Unique formulas have been established to address men’s thicker skin and higher sebum production. These products can clear skin up and leave it feeling smoother. Anti-aging elements are also commonly used. And, they promote high collagen production.

“I love their anti-aging skincare products for men. I know I need something different from what my wife uses and I like having my own products. What HIMistry offers is affordable and really refreshes my skin.” ­ 

– User in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

HIMistry offers a wide variety of top quality products. In addition to men’s skin care, there are also shaving and hair products for men.