Do you really need a toner after cleansing and shaving? Well it depends on individual opinions. Maybe you should go through some of the benefits of toners and all shaving products for men before you make up your mind. You don’t want to look ten years older than your real age, do you? Let us start from there.

Some shaving gels or cream leaves your skin dry and coarse and being continuously dry is harmful for the skin. This is where shave products for men come in handy because they continuously moisturize your skin and also make it smooth and shinning.

Tap water contains chlorine and several chemicals used in treating it. These chemicals have a way of dehydrating the skin when left on the body after bathing. Some of these men’s grooming products can neutralize the effect of these chemicals when applied to the skin and they leave the surface of your skin adequately moisturized.

A lot of shave creams have high pH. That is why you need to use a toner so that it can counter the effect of the shave creams thereby balancing the pH of your skin. Instead of checking the pH of every shave creams before buying it. Another reason you need toners is that they have ability to detoxify your skin. Smog, smoke and some other environmental and industrial toxins settle on your skin and they can have harmful effect on your skin. But a regular application of toners either blocks or reduces the effect of toxins on the skin.

In conclusion, it is obvious that you would be doing yourself more harm than good if you continue to shy away from toners.