Men often face different issues with their skin, most of which have to do with the differences in lifestyle along with having facial hair, plus more secretion of our oil glands. So while both men and women use the same skincare routine, their modes of application are different. Below are a few simple tips that men should adopt in their daily routine.

1) Use Natural Skin Care Products

Most mainstream skin care products contain harmful toxins, ingredients, and chemicals. These products come packed with fragrances, artificial colors, stabilizers, and preservatives that can be absorbed through pores in the skin, causing a range of long term negative health effects.

This makes buying skincare products tricky because there are so many brands available, each bragging about their own hard to pronounce list of ingredients on every scrub, lotion, and face wash package. But the general rule of thumb when it comes to searching for skin products is simple: choose unprocessed ingredients that are not laden with artificial chemicals.

Our products are made with natural ingredients that are designed to benefit the skin such as pomegranate extract, ascorbic acid, and aloe leaf juice.

2) Choose Fragrance Free Products

Try to find skincare products that are fragrance free. This is because fragrances contain toxins that can leave the skin feel dry or irritated, according to the experts at the American Academy of Dermatology. It is common for some products that are labeled as ‘unscented’ to contain traces of fragrances that irritate the skin.

3) Wash the Face After Every Workout

Did you know that the average gym equipment is laden with more germs than public toilet seats? This makes it all the more easy for gym goers to catch infections like MRSA. Don’t give bacteria the opportunity to enter into your skin pores because it can lead to acne and inflammation. Make sure to wash your face with natural cleansers.

4) Keep Yourself Hydrated

Your skin is one giant organ that craves hydration. If it is deprived of water, the skin will start dehydrating. Dryness and itchiness are telltale signs that the skin is dehydrated and you’re not drinking enough to keep the skin soft and healthy. Start by including fatty acids in your diet by eating foods such as salmon, pumpkin seeds, and walnuts.

When you’re showering, don’t use hot water because it robs your skin of all the moisture it needs to stay healthy. Shower with warm, comfortable water instead. Once you’re done showering, follow it up by applying a suitable moisturizer to your skin to help it absorb moisture. 

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