Not only is Green Tea healthy for you to drink, it is also powerful in skincare for men. We’ve picked our top 3 reason why you should be looking to use green tea in your skincare routine.

1. Anti Aging : Green Tea is powerful in rejuvenating skin cells that allow for healthy skin cells to overtake old ones. While increasing elasticity in the skin it also works to reduce fine lines and wrinkles by using it as an anti wrinkle cream for men.

2. Reduces Inflammation and Acne : Using its anti-inflammatory properties, green tea works to sooth irritated skin. For acne prone skin, decreasing hormone activity with green tea topical can improve overall completion. 

3. Reduced skin discoloration: Skin discoloration can come from numerous environmental factors, the most common being harmful UV rays. Green tea works to prevent and reduce skin discoloration at all stages.   

 Use our Green Tea & Vitamin C Shaving Cream to gain these great benefits using the best face cream for men