When it comes to committing to a more eco-friendly lifestyle, most people start by bringing their own grocery bags or riding their bike to work. While those steps are great, there is an even simpler switch men can make in their daily routines to help live a more green lifestyle: sustainable shaving.

By making a few easy swaps, such as using sustainable shaving tools and oils, men can easily have an impact on the environment before they even leave home for the day.

Go traditional with a straight edge razor

When people think of single-use plastics, they often mention straws and plastic bags. However, disposable razors are also to blame. A study by Statista found that in 2019, approximately 160 million Americans used disposable razor blades. Disposable blades are made of plastics and metals that cannot be separated, which means the razors wind up on already-teetering landfills.

Although using a straight edge razor may evoke images of Sweeney Todd, they are great for those looking to minimize waste. Straight edge razors typically require a higher up-front cost, but they require less blade replacements than multi-razor blades. They are made of durable metal, which means less waste. Not to mention the benefits of a closer shave.

If the idea of a straight edge razor is still intimidating, try out a double-edge safety razor. Unlike disposable cartridge razors, safety razors are made from metal that can be used time after time. Because the blades don't have plastic, they can be recycled at many barbershops and pharmacies.

Choose a plant-based or natural shaving cream

By using a plant-based or natural shaving cream, you're exposing the environment to less harmful toxins. Try ditching your traditional shaving creams that contain chemicals that have a damaging effect when they make their way into waterways in lieu of a natural shaving cream.

Not only will Mother Earth thank you for the swap, but so will your skin. Natural, non-foaming creams can help you get a smooth shave while also protecting your skin from irritation and discoloration. Not to mention natural creams often contain vitamins that will nourish damaged skin and combat inflammation.

Ditch those microbead exfoliates

During your shaving routine, you may want to exfoliate your skin to leave it feeling fresh. However, you should make sure your product is eco-friendly first. Many mainstream exfoliates contain microbeads which can wreak havoc on your skin and the environment.

Microbeads are tiny pieces of plastic that, when used, find their way into local waterways. They also can cause small tears in your skin which leaves you vulnerable to harmful bacteria.

Ditch the big brand exfoliates in favor of a natural exfoliant that brushes away dead skin cells and dirt to give your skin a nice, healthy glow.

Grow a beard

Whether you're going for a messy stumble of full on lumberjack look, beards are in. Don't be afraid to ditch the shaving routine in favor of a more rugged look.

Just remember, you still need some products to keep your beard looking fresh and healthy. A quick beard oil can help your look go a long way in just a few minutes. Try out an argan shave oil loaded with antioxidants to moisturize your skin and soften your beard. The oil also provides a natural way to fight off acne rather than using harsh chemicals. 

With just a few quick changes, your morning routine can become infinitely more eco-friendly. And the best thing about these products? The packaging can easily be recycled after use. For more great deals on all-natural shaving supplies, contact us today. And if you're in need of more insightful shaving tips and tricks,