Ingrown hairs: we hate and dread them at the same time. They can turn any regular morning routine into a painful one, throwing your entire schedule off track. And before you've lowered your shaving cream and shaver, you've already formulated a plan to remove them with a pair of tweezers. 

While most recommend seeing a dermatologist help deal with the problem, it's best to prevent it from happening in the first place. This article is to help say goodbye to razor bumps before they even form.

But first things first, what causes razor bumps?



The Cause Behind Ingrown Hairs

If you usually shave or wax your skin, the likelihood of developing ingrown hair increases tenfold. That's why men tend to have razor bumps around their neck and beard area. And while most consider it harmless, it may lead to skin infections and scarring, to mention a few.

If left untreated, it may also cause skin irritation, swelling, and even redness. And as always, prevention is way better than having to deal with the problem itself. 

Pre- Shaving Routine

Having a pre-shaving routine may sound a little drastic, but it can save you from a world of skin problems. Arm yourself with a gentle exfoliator that removes dead skin cells and prevent trapped hair and dirt. After, use an oil that can moisturize the beard, making it soft enough to shave clean off. 

The 3 in 1 Formula Argan Shave Oil is the perfect addition to the pre-shaving routine. Loaded with antioxidants, this product goes a step further by preventing acne and inflammation as well. 

Load up on Gel

It's become common knowledge that foaming shaving creams only work on drying the skin. And with dry skin being a necessary catalyst for acne development, it's the last thing anyone wants. Always using a non-foaming gel that can help you see what you're doing as you shave.

This Rosemary and Tea Non-foaming shave gel offers more than that. With specially considered ingredients, the product is designed to benefit all skin types, including sensitive skin. The gel moisturizes and protects the skin while you shave, leaving a clean, finished look. 

Keep face Hydrated

We're not talking about wetting your face a few times with water throughout the day. We're talking about having your face and neck moisturized with the right product. You should, however, be careful since thick moisturizers can end up clogging your pores and creating more problems.

Go for light moisturizers.

Another tip that can help is doing a warm water shave. That is, use a warm cloth soaked in water and press it against your face and neck before shaving. This will help soften your facial hair, making it very easy to shave off. 

Shave in the Direction of Hair Growth

It's not easy to shave in the direction of hair growth. The simple fact that not every single hair follicle grows in the same order proves this true. It may mean slow fewer strokes as you shave, which will end up using your time and energy.

If you'd like to avoid this, try getting one with rotary blades. This way, you can shave in the direction you want and not risk having ingrown hair. 

Clean and Change Your Blade

Wash your blade with running water after each stroke. But don't stop there; clean it thoroughly with an alcohol-based product once you're done using it. Dirty edges are known to cause skin issues and promote ingrown hairs. 

If it's become a little blunt, sharpen it or replace it altogether to keep the blade from tugging on the skin as you shave.

Get the Whole Package

Other than being painful, ingrown hairs can lead to a host of different skin-related issues. To avoid such problems, the above methods can help. But having the right pre- and post-shaving skin care items can go a long way in augmenting prevention and preserving healthy skin.

At Himistry, we offer the whole package of essential shaving products. Give our products a look and if you find something you like, give us a call