Running is a great sport that requires a lot of endurance and some level of physical strength. This is an activity that comes with a myriad of benefits- from burning calories and ensuring that you're fit, to simply making you healthier by improving your body's blood circulation.


Whether you run for leisure or competitively, studies have shown that one of the most significant advantages of running is reducing the risk of an individual contracting cardiovascular diseases-which, according to the CDC, is the primary cause of death in the United States today.

That being said, as a runner, you might be wondering why proper skincare is essential for you. What is the nexus between skincare and running? Below is a breakdown of all you need to know about skincare for runners. 


Is Skincare Important For Runners?

Although running comprises numerous benefits, this activity puts a lot of strain on your body- mainly on your skin. It is no secret that the skin is the largest part of our body, literally the first thing anyone sees when they look at us- hence it is our duty to ensure that we take proper care of it.

Here are a few reasons why proper skincare is fundamental for runners;

  •  Running often exposes you to the sun for hours on end. The UV rays tend to affect your skin by causing fine lines and wrinkles, leading to premature aging.
  •  The sweat produced during running tends to combine with the dirt and oil build-up on your skin, thereby clogging your pores and resulting in acne.

Lucky for you, various mechanisms can help you counter these effects and ensure that you keep on doing what you love (running) without worrying about your skin because your skin health will be top tier.


Skincare Tips For Runners

As a runner, keeping your skin in check entails investing in various skincare products that will help you achieve the clear, healthy skin you so desire. Some of these products include;


These are facial scrubs that help purify the pores and give the skin a very smooth and blemish-free appearance. They are an ideal way of clearing your clogged pores and thus preventing any breakouts or acne.

They contain natural scrubbing fibers that help peel away the dead skin, remove any excess oil, and do away with the dirt and debris that accumulates on your skin after a long run. As a result, your skin is extremely rejuvenated and acquires a very youthful appearance.



An ideal cleanser is designed to work on your pores and do away with any bacteria build-up on your skin, therefore giving you extremely smooth and acne-free skin. Additionally, cleansers leave your face feeling clean and fresh.

How do they do this? Most cleansers consist of various ingredients that are capable of boosting your cell's regeneration process. This is a very essential process since it helps to restore any damaged skin cells- leaving your skin feeling smooth and new.

The best part is that it is possible for you to find a cleanser that is two in one- works as both a cleanser and exfoliator.



It is important to note that sunscreen should be a runner's best friend. It not only protects you from tanning and sunburns, but it also shields your skin from the harmful UV rays- consequently preventing premature aging and reducing your skin cancer risk.

The scalp, ears, lips, neck, hands, and legs are the areas of the body that are mostly prone to skin cancer. As a runner, these parts are often constantly exposed to the sun- therefore, ensure that you apply sunscreen on these areas before heading out for a run.



The perfect toner is what you need to ensure that you achieve that youthful blemish-free skin. This is because they help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while ridding your skin of any spots such as blackheads and whiteheads.


What Else Can You Do?

Besides the above mentioned skincare products, there are other techniques you can employ to ensure your skin remains healthy, such as;

  • Hydrating: As cliché as it may sound, water is an extremely beneficial ingredient when it comes to skincare. Drinking water regularly helps to renew your skin and increases its elasticity- thereby making the wrinkles and fine line less noticeable.
  • Prevent chafing: This is one of the most common skin problems that runners experience. Luckily, there are various tips that can help you protect your skin from this unfortunate condition; wearing fitting running gear- this prevents the friction that leads to chafing, and using various oils and moisturizers.


Keeping every part of your body healthy is every person's priority. Therefore, as you strive to stay fit and burn calories by running ever so frequently, try your best to remember your skin. For more men's skin care tips, visit our Himistry Naturals website.