The Right Shaving Products Nourish Your Skin to Minimize Aging

 We have all seen middle-aged and even younger men with facial skin that resembles that of someone in their 70s. You immediately begin to wonder how such a thing could have happened. While the sources of premature facial aging are plentiful, you will be interested to know there are now products available that can minimize the damage.

Beyond appearances, cheap over-the-counter shaving creams often contain ingredients that have been associated with cancer and brain impairment. Typical ingredients in these products include phthalates, triethanolamine, sodium lauryl sulfate, and parabens that can lead to cell mutation resulting in testicular cancer and reduced testosterone production.

H.I.M-istry shaving products incorporate the use of ingredients such as vitamin C, green tea, pomegranate, Shea Butter, and jojoba that offer proven skin health benefits. Quality skin care products not only fight off the negative effects of sun and wind, but make your entire shaving experience one you look forward to rather than dread