To the uninformed, a shaved head may seem easy to maintain. While bad hair days may be a thing of the past, the truth is once you decide to go bald, your scalp becomes the center of attention. Bald heads have their own grooming demands, with almost as many things to worry about as when you're taking care of a full hair head.

Dandruff and dryness are the main issues to be aware of. They can result in light-colored patches and discoloration. Here are skin care routines and products you can use to avoid these issues.

Give your Head a Proper Shave

A proper shave is the first step to scalp care. If all you do in the bathroom is carelessly butcher your head, no post-shave care routine will repair the damage. If you aren't so sure about how to go about shaving your head, here is are some easy steps to follow:

  • Always shave after taking a shower – this is because your hair is at its softest and your pores are open. It makes the shaving process easy and reduces the risks of razor bumps.
  • Use a mirror – it's pretty obvious you can't see your head. A mirror will help you see exactly what you're doing with your razor bump.
  • Use a pre-shave oil – the oil prepares your skin for a healthy close shave. You only need to rub a small amount of the pre-shave oil on your head after leaving the shower. We recommend a shaving cream with green tea and vitamin C as the main ingredients.
  • Apply shave gel – if you have a sensitive skin or get ingrown hairs, a shaving gel with natural rosemary mint ingredient will help improve your scalp skin's feel and look.
  • Use cold water – after you're done shaving, splash ice-cold water on your head to rinse excess shaving lather and open the dome pores.

Extend your Skin Routine

Just like your face, your scalp needs the same level of tender loving and care. You can make your skin routine worthy by balancing three activities, including exfoliating, moisturizing, and cleansing. You start by cleansing with a cleanser that's gentle to your head. Cleansing products will help prevent irritation of your hair follicles and skin dryness. 

Exfoliation is the next step, and it involves killing the dead skin cells sitting on your head. Make sure you exfoliate regularly for great results.  Exfoliation involves applying the exfoliants and scrubbing in a circular motion to clean properly and leave your skin looking as fresh as possible.

Finish with moisturizing; it helps your skin stay nourished and hydrated. The good thing about skin moisturizers is that they introduce your skin to good liquids that open up pores, unlike oily liquids that can cause acne. Among the three categories, moisturizing is the most vital scalp skin care and should be a priority for any bald man.

Use Sunscreen

Scalp care routine will not be of much help if you expose your skin to direct UV rays. Before you go outdoors, ensure you apply a generous amount of sunscreen on your head. If you constantly forget your SPF products, you can always carry a hat to protect your bald head from direct sunlight. The hat shouldn't be too tight to help maintain healthy and fresh-looking skin. Besides, a very tight hat can cause skin follicle breakage, which can lead to physical pain. 

To maintain a fresh bald head look, repeat the skincare routine process a couple of times weekly, including shaving to prevent stubble.

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