Achieving smooth, even skin is a challenge so many of us struggle with on a daily basis. Dry patches, discoloration, and breakouts seem to arise just when one issue seems to be solved. For men, these issues can multiply when shaving is added to the equation, with razor bumps and ingrown hairs joining as issues to tackle as well. So much of a male’s grooming involves shaving and trimming, yet it can present unsightly nicks and bumps that anyone would like to avoid… but how?

As kids, we think mom and grandma’s home remedies are out of the box solutions and absurd, but more often than not we find out that they’re onto something. If they’ve ever suggested black tea for anything beyond drinking it, they had it right all along. Himistry created After Shave Restoring Pads containing black tea and gentle exfoliators to strengthen the resistance to any exposure to bacteria after shaving. The convenient pads allow for just the right amount of nutrients to be distributed around the face for a clean, rejuvenating feeling and look.

While a man’s skin is known to have a certain natural resistance, that shouldn’t be taken for granted. With so many things on a man’s plate every day, his grooming should be the least of his worries. There are so many razors, shaving creams and treatments on the market, yet none restore and prepare the face for the next shave quite like the combination Himistry coined.