Nothing beats a holiday season filled with raising toasts and spending time sipping cocktails with family and friends. Unfortunately, it is also a time for consuming a significant amount of calories that can affect a whole year's struggle to remain in shape. It would help to be smart about what you are toasting for.

Cocktails have extra calories that many people often overlook. Cocktails, heavy seasonal dishes typical of holidays, and an abundance of cookie trays can easily ramp up the number of calories in your body.

However, there is no way you will miss out on the fun. There are healthy cocktail options that you can enjoy without worrying about calorie buildups. We'll suggest five recipes you can use for any occasion and still bring the original festive vibe.

Healthier Recipes for Holiday Drinks

Here are some easy-juicy-based healthy cocktails better than the usual spiked eggnog and champagne. 

1. Pineapple, Mint, Berry


One large peeled pineapple

A cup of raspberries

A single pear

30 fresh mint leaves


Wash your ingredients well

Core and cut your pineapple into cubes of considerable sizes

Cut all the ingredients to fit in the chute of your juicer.

Juice the ingredients together

Serve immediately

Add two ounces of vodka per serving

2. Ho-Ho Holiday Juice 


Two apples

1-2 cups of cherries


Core the apples

Juice the ingredients together to form a rich burgundy-red juice

Add vodka to taste

Shake the mixture and serve

Garnish with a mint leaf for a chilling taste

3. Mango-Grapefruit


Two mangoes

An apple

A grapefruit

¼ inch of ginger


Wash your ingredients well

Juice mangoes, apple, and grapefruit together

Add grated sugar to the mixture.

Add two ounces of vodka or spiced rum

Pour over the ice and serve

4. The New Year's Eve Toasting Drink


Few pineapple rings or spears

A peeled lemon  



Mix the pineapple and lemon and juice them.

Fill a glass half full with ice

Pour the mixture

Add a few ounces of champagne

Tip:  You can do this for several people. Add more juice by using two pineapples and a few lemons. Stick it in the fridge and have the juice ready before the party starts.

5. The Day-After Hangover Helper


Handful of kale

A stalk of celery

A large pineapple

Two inches of cucumber

Salt and pepper

A dash of tabasco sauce

Two ounces of water or vodka when preparing the alcoholic version


Wash all your washable ingredients

Peel, core, and cut the pineapple into cubes.

Fill a glass halfway with ice

Juice the kale, celery, pineapple, and cucumber

Add tobacco, sale, and pepper to the mixture.

Add water or vodka

Pour over top ice and serve

Final Words

Remember, you can make adjustments to protect your health as you wait for the party circuits during the holiday season. Generally, it would help if you held off cocktails until you've had the main course. It helps to slow down drinking, and you will stay within limits.

When hosting a cocktail party or dinner with others, you can be creative with the above recipes to cut down on sugar intake. Mixing cocktails with fruits and herbs is a simple way to liven your drink without ramping up the sugar intake. Also, it is a greater way to use up any leftover that you would toss eventually.

Have fun and raise a toast to healthier days ahead. Apart from cocktails, you can also take care of your body in other ways, and get the right products for your skin with natural ingredients to keep your holidays healthy.