In today’s market, the men’s grooming product business is at an all time high! US men’s grooming sales are projected to reach multiple billions in sales (Mintel Data). Barbers have been huge contributors tot he success of men’s grooming lines in mass retailers. Still, most barbers do not retail products themselves. We are here to change that!

We have a great program for you to become an affiliate barber! Heres how it works”

Take wholesales delivery of H.I.M-istry grooming products to promote in your shop .
Receive a FREE personalized e-commerce H.I.M-istry website. 
Earn up to 40% profit margin on every order on your website and in your shop!

Still unsure?
We provide a 30 day risk free trial. If you aren’t happy with the program within 30 days, just return the unsold products for a full refund!

We are sure you are going to love becoming a part of the H.I.M-istry community. Give us a call at 888-681-9845 for more information on how to start!