The old adage that you are what you eat is definitely true. A fuller, healthier beard requires the right combination of nutrients and vitamins. Failure to provide them will result in a patchy beard or worse still no hair at all! According to health experts such as the American Dietetic Association, a person’s facial hair tells a lot about the state of their body.  The following 7 essential foods have been linked with the healthy growth of facial hair:

1) Eggs

Eggs are superfoods that are packed with essential micronutrients and protein that play an important role in the growth of beard. Of note is the fact that eggs are an excellent source of biotin, a vitamin that has been linked with healthier growth of facial hair.

Furthermore, eggs offer the ideal fatty-acid ratio that is crucial to maintaining the healthy production of DHT and testosterone in the body, hormones that have a say in facial hair growth.

2) Potatoes

Studies have shown that high-carb low-protein diets are quite good for the growth of facial hair. Potatoes are natural reservoirs of carbohydrates, which makes them an excellent source of boosting DHT and supplementing beard growth.

3) Brazilian Nuts

Eating 100 grams of Brazilian nuts is the equivalent of ingesting 1.9 mg of selenium. This is more than 3,000 percent of your daily recommended value, making these nuts ideal for people who are struggling to grow their beards. You only need to eat 2 Brazilian nuts every day to ensure your body isn’t deficient in selenium.

4) Beef

Beef is the defacto means of increasing testosterone, and consequently, lots of beard growth. Red meat is rich in saturated fat, the main nutrient needed to help with the synthesis of testosterone. It also provides the body with a high quality of protein, helping with the growth of facial hair. So, the next time someone offers you a plate of steak, you know better than to refuse!

5) Raisins

Eating raisins will also stimulate beard growth due to the presence of boron, a trace mineral that is highly effective at growing facial hair. Boron also increases testosterone levels and boosts DHT in men who consumed 10 mgs of boron every day. It is estimated that 100 grams of raisins will provide your body with 3 mgs of boron.

6) Sorghum

Sorghum isn’t as well known, but it is gluten free, and has a role in the growth of a fuller, healthier beard. Research has shown that sorghum can increase the levels of 5 Alpha Reductase by more than 50 percent. 5 Alpha Reductase is an enzyme that converts into DHT naturally in the body.

7) Olive Oil

All men should make an effort to incorporate olive oil into their diets. This is because olive oil has some of the best fatty-acid ratios, which can increase DHT and testosterone production by as much as 17 percent! A 2-week Moroccan study established this link between testosterone production and consumption of olive oil.

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