Every skin type is different. It’s important to get to know your skin so that you can learn the best ways to take care of it and you can find the right products are out there for it.
So…What’s your H-I-M-istry?

Oily Skin Type

You probably have oily skin if…

  • You find that your skin is almost always shiny
  • You find it difficult to keep your skin free of blemishes (pimples, blackheads, etc.)
  • You have very large pores
  • You find that your T-zone (the forehead down to the bottom of the nose) is always oily

What you should keep in mind about oily skin:

When it comes to taking care of oily skin, be sure to use products that that are oil-free. Cleanser is very important for oily skin types. Other skin care products should be used to absorb excess oils to prevent from blemishes and clogged pores.

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Dry Skin Type

You probably have dry skin if …

  • You frequently experience irritated or itchy skin
  • Your skin cracks or peels when exposed to drying weather
  • You have nearly invisible pores but more visible facial lines (forehead wrinkles, laugh lines)
  • Your skin sometimes produces red patches
  • Your skin is rough or scaly
  • You find that your skin is dull and lacks in luster


*If you find that you have frequent and extreme versions of these symptoms, you may have Dermatitis. Please see a dermatologist to find out what would be best to treat your skin.


What you should keep in mind about dry skin:

Dry skin can occur naturally from genetics or begin as you start to age, but there are many external factors that cause it to worsen. Weather, for example, can be a huge irritant to dry skin. If you have dry skin you should try and avoid extra exposure to wind, sun, extreme cold, or ultraviolet radiation. Taking long showers can also aggravate dry skin.


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Combination Type

You probably have a combination of dry & oily skin if…

  • Your skin is dry in some areas & oily in others
  • You find that you have symptoms of both dry & oily skin
  • You have overly dilated pores


What you should keep in mind about Combination Skin:

Your skin care regiment will constantly need adjustments as your skin continues to change. Sometimes you will need products for oily skin, other times, you will need products for dry skin. Be ready and willing to adjust to your skin’s needs.

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Normal Skin Type

You probably have a normal skin type if…

  • You have almost invisible pores
  • You have a healthy coloring and complexion
  • You rarely have blemishes


What you should keep in mind about Normal Skin:

People with normal skin types are among the few that have skin that is producing the correct amounts of water, lipids, and other things that your skin needs, at the right pace. Although you have naturally great skin, it is important that you still care for it so that it can stay great! Find products that are committed to keeping your skin looking healthy and smooth.


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