Men have become more and more attuned to the use of grooming products to improve their appearance, enhance their self-image, and attract women. Being a man presents inherent skin difficulties that are often exacerbated or even caused by the things that men do to themselves.

The activities that can hurt your skin and your sex appeal are not strange or peculiar. These are everyday things that men do that make them appear older than they are and can do irreversible damage to their skin and appearance.

1) Shaving

Most men shave regularly. The intended effect is nice, smooth skin that feels good to the touch. The result is often more of a problem than a solution.

Using the same razor for too long without replacement, shaving at the wrong time, and not using an exfoliant routinely can cause acne, ingrown facial hair, cuts, and a streaky appearance to the harder-to- shave areas of the face.

Some of the solutions are using a vitamin and antioxidant-enriched shave cream, shaving after showering, shaving after heating your face with a warm towel, and using a lubricant before and after shaving.

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2) Acne

Men have a tendency to pinch acne pustules. This makes the pore that was clogged larger and it remains that way. Men also have a problem with acne on parts of their back that they cannot easily reach.

The solution is to treat and not squeeze. Use a skin cleanser and pads to treat the acne and remove the deeply ingrained dirt that clogs the pores.

Men who have very oily skin should use an antiseptic botanical and an exfoliant to control the level of oil and prevent the oil from producing acne.

Men with dark skin are especially prone to developing dark spots from acne. The dark or red spots do not have to be permanent. Organic-based cleansers, toners, and scrubs have been developed especially for this acne-related problem.

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3) The Ravages of Age

Men do age, although they appear to age in the face less rapidly than women. The production of the hormones that keep a man’s skin looking young is reduced as a man ages. The process cannot be stopped, but the effects can be controlled.

Natural products that moisturize the skin, increase the cellular production of the biochemicals that keep a man looking young, add antioxidants for protection from the sun, and increase the amount of oxygen that is available to the skin for repair are all a necessary part of the skin care routine for men who wish to stay looking youthful.

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