While being at home during the holiday, it's common to indulge in a craft brew or a new sweet treat. However, those cupcakes and even your home's heater can have negative effects on your skin and hair.

But, there's no need to beat yourself up about how many cookies you snack on or how long it's been since you busted out a razor. With a few simple additions to your morning or evening routine, you can quickly regain glowing skin and healthy hair.

Swerve the sweets 

Drinking too much alcohol or ingesting foods with high sugar content doesn't just have a negative impact on your waistline, it also can cause dehydrated skin and even some breakouts.

Sugar is one of skin's worst enemies because it attaches itself to proteins in collagen, which causes the skin to become stiff and leads to wrinkles.

One of the easiest ways to avoid this is to cut back on sweets, but you don't have to get rid of them entirely. Instead, try upping the amount of vitamin C in your daily routine. This can be as simple as applying a moisturizer with vitamin C to help maintain your skin's moisture reservoir.

There's nothing like quality H2O

One of the best things you can do for your skin is pick up the pints … of water that is. Drinking plenty of water and maintaining a regular sleep schedule can help regulate healthy skin. Of course, there are plenty of days when this can be difficult.

After a night on the town or a day of physical exertion, it's important to find a product to help rehydrate your skin. Hyaluronic acid-based moisturizers and face peels are key to restoring depleted skin cells.

Scrub it up

Many things, such as dirt and dead skin cells, can block your pores causing oily skin and breakouts. Those who work in jobs with lots of dust, such as construction, and those who live in polluted cities often shed dead skin cells less efficiently, which can leave the skin looking dull or tired.

The best way to overcome blocked pores is by exfoliating twice a week. Exfoliation through a natural exfoliant not only revitalizes your skin, but actually improves your body's circulation and toxin elimination processes.

Avoid the heat

As the weather trends colder, it can be tempting to crank up the heater and take warmer showers. Although it may feel good, central heating and too-hot showers can suck the life out of your skin and hair, leaving it try and often brittle.

It's best to keep your showers warm, not hot, and venture outside a few times a day. However, if you can't resist a steamy shower, there are a few steps you can take to ensure you maintain healthy skin and hair.

First, and perhaps simplest step, is to give yourself a fresh trim. Cutting off some length in your hair and beard can breathe a new life to it.

After you've achieved your new look, try applying a hair or scalp mask and a hydrating beard oil to keep moisture in your hair. Try an argan oil that is loaded with antioxidants and Squalane, which helps fight negative effects on your skin.

Although it can be tempting to hop right in bed after a night out, these few simple steps can greatly impact the health of your hair and skin. Try incorporating them into your daily or even weekly routine for the best results. If you are in need of some products to shake up your routine, contact us