Once summer hits, men are stuck with the question of what summer shoe do I wear? We’ve been opposed to flip flops, leaving those uncomfortable toe dividers to the ladies. But now sandals are making a come back (open toe, not to be confused with flip flops). Ditch the sneakers this summer and let your feet get breezy on the beach. Here’s our break down of summer sandal styles.

Leather: That beach vacation has arrived. Besides your board shorts, you’ve packed a few night out ensembles. Pair these with leather strapped sandals, their still breathable for summer nights out and add sophistication to your vacation wardrobe.

Sport: No one likes their feet sweating inside sneakers on the beach or the dreaded amount of sand you’re going to have to dump out at the end of the day. Instead opt for a pair of mesh sandals. Easy to travel with and beach friendly.