Fads come and go – diets, clothing, TV shows and music are all examples of that, but who can’t always find use for some hearty antioxidants?  Although mainstream news tends to flip-flop on the benefits of certain food groups or vitamin types, antioxidants are always in style. Any product containing antioxidants hosts a long list of benefits, and pomegranates are no exception. The delicious fruit has more benefits than commonly discussed red wine or green tea.

To avoid using harsh chemicals that dry out your skin, Himistry created the Pomegranate Pre-Shave Wash to help strengthen and brighten skin while reversing the signs of aging. No complexion or face is the same and Himistry gets that. They created the perfect wash that supports collagen production, eliminates bacteria that causes bumps and breakouts and evens out discolored skin. After freeing your pores of any unwanted dirt, your face will be primed for the perfect shave.

Pomegranate is known to contain some of nature’s strongest age-defying antioxidants, and when applied to the skin, it acts as a rejuvenator, priming the skin to bounce back fast! Who can deny the benefits of the multi-purposeful seedy red fruits – maybe it should be renamed “The Super Fruit.”