Camping is a favorite pastime of many a man out there in the world. Taking a vacation in the great outdoors can be a bit rough on your skin, however. Plenty of people have found themselves stumped at solving this problem, but it doesn't have to be this way. Let's take a look at some great men's skincare tips to use while you're camping to keep yourself rugged, not ragged.


Stay Dry

One of the major causes for skin irritation is excess moisture on the surface. When you're camping, that kind of thing is pretty easy to find. Whether you're not toweling off right after a dip in a lake or staying a little too wet in the misty mountain tops, making sure your skin is dry in an environment with a lot of excess water and humidity is going to be essential to prevent damage.

Careful Shaving

If you're someone who absolutely needs to shave every day, you'll want to be extra careful if you decide to do it while out camping. In addition to the normal hazards that come with clumsy shaving, camping has the potential to introduce a lot of new bacteria and dirt into your face and any cuts you might make. This can cause an infection on top of normal redness and chafing. Always shave with a quality shaving cream and rejuvenate with a shave toner after the fact. Make sure to keep your blades sharp, too.

Keep It Clean

There's a habit some people have of neglecting any sort of personal hygiene while on a camping trip. It's the woods, so who needs a shower, right? If you care about your skin, you'll drop this attitude quick. While a full shower may be out of reach depending on how wild your wilderness adventure is, you can still do some basic things to keep yourself clean. Rinse off with some soap every day using a towel and sponge, brush your teeth as normal, and practice other basic things using clean water you have on hand. You can also try facial cleansers to stay on top of your clear skin routine, made all the more important given your skin will be taking a beating while you're on your trip.

Protect From Sun Damage

You'll probably be getting a lot more sun than normal while out camping. Soaking up some rays is good for the body, but too much UV light can still do a number on you. Remember to wear a good SPF sunscreen when you're getting heavy sun exposure, like when going for a hike or fishing on a lake. Wide-brimmed hats are also a good option to both protect your skin and keep the sun out of your eyes. An SPF lip balm isn't a bad idea, either, as excess sun can really chap your lips in addition to the general environmental factors you might find while outdoors.


Like anything physical, camping is going to make you sweat a lot more than sitting behind a desk or watching TV on the couch. This means you'll have to be replenishing your fluids a lot more than normal. Not only is this necessary to keep from...well, dying, it's also an important part of clear skin. Drinking lots of water provides your skin with tons of benefits from a healthy glow to more resilience to damage.

While camping is a great time to unwind, staying on top of your skincare routine is still important. Stick to these tips to prevent damage to your skin while enjoying the great outdoors, and check out HIMistry to find some of the best men's skin care, beard care, and shaving products on the market.