Ingrown hairs, commonly referred to as razor bumps, are painful and unsightly. They are caused when the shaved hair becomes trapped inside a follicle, or when it grows back into the chin. It can also cause redness, scarring, and swelling. The medical term is PFB or Pseudofolliculitis Barbae.

Due to research, a comprehensive approach has been developed to solve the most persistent conditions and even occasional ingrown hairs. However, the steps have to be followed strictly for several weeks to achieve the required results.

Treat with active ingredients

There are a lot of shaving products for men that claim to treat these ingrown hairs, but the truth is that salicylic acid found in some men’s shaving products is the one active substance that can visibly reduce razor bumps. These men’s grooming aids are dermatological-grade products that exfoliate, moisturize, and clear pores. They can also help prevent infections. Use post-shave products for men with salicylic acid so that it remains on the skin throughout the day.

Also, use only a non-acnegenic men’s skin care product or shaving cream especially made for sensitive skin, with plenty of lubricating agents. This is important, as foam-based men’s skin care shaving creams may dry and irritate the skin. Do not combine with skin care products with alcohol, as they will severely exacerbate ingrown hairs by making the skin dry and closing the pores.

Improve the skin’s surface

Exfoliate by eliminating the upper layer of dead skin. This is indispensable with managing ingrown hairs. The frequent use of black skin care products with a gentle face scrub and salicylic or glycolic acid will be particularly effective.

You can also use a liquid cleanser and soft-bristle face brush in a circular motion on the beard to remove the tips of ingrown hairs. This also eliminates dead skin cells and clears follicles to allow the hairs to surface unhindered.

Adjust your shaving technique

Many people don’t know this, but shaving beards too closely is a trigger for razor bumps. The hair stubs removed too closely will become trapped inside a hair follicle and move sideways or inward.

To avoid shaving your beard too closely, do not pull the skin when shaving. Don’t put excess pressure on the blades. Shave with the grain using a single-blade razor. You can find the items to use from barber suppliers. These methods should become routine, as one close shave can cause a recurrence of ingrown hairs. These often take weeks to heal.

Treat the ingrown hairs

Lift the ingrown end with tweezers, but do not pluck the hair out, as this will only make it regrow deeper. Also, aloe found in men skincare products will help reduce the swelling and redness.