African American skin can suffer from discoloration. Understanding how skin gets its color is key to understanding which products are most effective. Skin color is dictated by cells that are called melanocytes, which store and transport melanin within the human body.

Everyone has roughly the same amount of melanocytes in their skin tissue, but what differs is the distribution and size of melanosomes. The more there are, the darker the skin. Also, the larger they are, the darker the skin. When choosing African American skincare products, it’s important to know your needs and how to address discoloration.

Melanin’s job is to scatter energy and absorb UV light. While darker complexions can have a lower risk of sun issues and damage, that doesn’t put them completely in the clear. Darker skin is more likely to develop discoloration or hyperpigmentation.

Hyperpigmentation and discoloration occur when the skin produces an abundance of pigment. That added pigment is what causes visible differences in skin tone. On the other hand, if pigment is lost, it is called hypopigmentation. African American skin is at risk for both.


When exploring ways to reduce discoloration, you should always look to appropriate African American men skincare products that have been proven to be effective. When looking at products, be sure to always put sunscreen at the top of the list. If you have darker areas of discoloration, sunscreen can help those areas stop getting even darker. You also should look for products that contain Alpha Hydroxy Acids and salicylic acid. Both are used with chemical peels and can help to eliminate the top layers of skin.

Another ingredient to consider is Alpha Arbutin. This is a great solution for those with discoloration because it blocks the skin’s process that continues to create color changes. It is important to always follow the directions on the package, or to follow instructions from your dermatologist with respect to these medicines. Whether or not you are under a doctor’s care for their application, you always should test out your new product on the skin prior to distributing it all over your discolored areas.

A good rule of thumb when testing products is to apply a small amount to your body in an area where there is no unbroken skin. Wait 24-hours and then check the area. Make sure there is no sign of rash, itching, or puffiness. If there isn’t, then you can continue to use the product. If there is, consult with your dermatologist to find alternative treatments for your discoloration.

When considering how to reduce discoloration, the good news is that there are enough African American men’s skincare products to choose from. The burgeoning market is always coming up with new solutions that can help with discoloration in skin. Just be sure to use everything safely and thoroughly read package instructions. Start off with a 24-hour test and if everything is fine, then continue use as directed.