Ingrown hairs can happen to men with many different skin types. These are hairs that have curled and gone back underneath the skin instead of a typical hair coming out of the surface. Common causes of ingrown hairs can be dead skin and cutting curly hair too closely to the skin. While not a major skin problem, ingrown hairs can be irritating and affect appearance.

Most commonly mistaken for acne, ingrown hairs appear as a raised bump and can often be painful and uncomfortable. After shaving they can appear on the chin, cheeks or neck.

When exfoliating the skin while shaving, use our regimen of shaving products for men for ingrown hair treatment.

The first step is using our Green Tea Shave Creme to protect the skin from shaving and anti-aging. It tones and tightens the skin that help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Follow up with our After Shave Restoring Pads to help regenerate healthy skin cells. The toner pads help balance men’s skin pH levels and help prevent discoloration and razor bumps.

End with our Vitamin C After Balm to help sooth and smooth the skin and protect against irritation for men’s face care. This helps protect and nourish the skin while stimulating cell renewal in the skin.

Use our men’s shaving set for best results!