If you haven’t been taking good care of your skin, chances are good that you are now dealing with breakouts, clogged poor, dark circles and other imperfections.  Luckily, there are many men’s cosmeticsthat can take care of these problem areas while they heal.  With the right cosmetics, no one will ever have to see your flaws.

Men’s cosmetics are formulated with the unique needs of men in mind.  The best brands are those that combine powerful ingredients with gentle formulations that are designed for optimum coverage and durability.  Concealors, foundation and powders that are designed to cover small flaws and imperfections are available in a wide variety of shades designed to match every skin tone.  If you are unsure about which shade is right for you, check out your local department or beauty product store, as these often give you the chance to sample different products before you buy.

Make sure that you have the right tools for the job by investing in some good makeup brushes.  A concealor brush is a necessity if you want to cover up blemishes or under eye circles, while a good foundation brush is critical for covering up larger areas on the face.  Remember that well-made brushes are definitely worth the initial costs.  Cheaper brushes may seem like a good option at first, however they simply don’t last as long as a more expensive brush that is cleaned regularly.  Keep this in mind when you are shopping for men’s cosmetics.

Covering up imperfections on the face is easy when you have the right cosmetics and men’s skincare.  Opt for products that are fragrance free or that don’t have a lot of fragrance added as these will be less irritating to the skin.  This is especially important with concealor, as any fragrances too close to the eye can irritate that commonly sensitive area.  Don’t be afraid to experiment to find the optimum coverage level and shade that work for you.  Sometimes it takes a few tries to get the right color and application for the look you want to achieve.