Razor burn and bumps from ingrown hairs are pretty inevitable for those who have curly hair.  That’s why black men and razor bumps are often related.  Razor bumps are typically caused by hair that has been freshly cut at an angle.  This makes the hair sharper as it curls back against the skin, penetrating the outer layer and causing the body to react with swelling and irritation.

When it comes to men’s shaving products, black men need to be aware of what types of products are good for their skin.  Since preventing razor bumps is a big concern for many men, it’s best to start with a good razor.  If you frequently get ingrown hairs and bumps from shaving, try to limit shaving to every 2-3 days.  Using a sharp blade each time you shave can help to prevent bumps, while electric trimmers can be used in between shaving to keep the area groomed.

Try softening your hair before shaving, as this will make it easier to cut and hopefully reduce the chances for an ingrown hair.  Many men like to shave right after showering, as this is an easy way to soften the hairs and prep them for your shaving cream or gel.  No matter how you do it, softening the hairs is a great way to ensure a close shove.  Once you start shaving, be sure to shave with the grain of the hair, as going in the opposite direction is a recipe for bumps.  Keep your blade clean in between uses with a quick swipe of alcohol, and you’ll be set for smooth, bump-free skin.

If you still experience problems with extreme razor burn, consult with your dermatologist for other solutions that may work for you.   They can often recommend different brands of products that you can try and prescribe antibiotic creams to heal any current areas of rashes and bumps.  By starting with a clean slate, you’ll be able to show off great skin every day.