Acne is one of those conditions that is often viewed as something that only affects teenagers. Unfortunately, for both males and females, acne can be troublesome in the adult years as well. In fact, some people really never 'outgrow' breakouts associated with acne, and others don't experience skin problems until adulthood. And for men, who may be prone to more severe acne than women, dealing with acne as an adult can be quite stressful.

But don't despair if you struggle with adult male acne. It is actually a common issue, and there are steps you can take to treat it.

Common Causes of Acne

It used to be that if someone was dealing with acne, the advice was to stay away from chocolate and fast foods. Fortunately, we are a lot wiser now about what causes acne. And although it's good advice to be mindful of the foods you eat because they do have an overall effect on your health, they are not the root cause. So, what are some acne triggers for men?

  • Excess oil and dead skin cells – Pores can become clogged by a buildup of oil and dead skin. When this happens, it can be an environment in which bacteria can thrive, resulting in breakouts.
  • Bacteria – As mentioned above, bacteria that are allowed to grow irritates the skin, causing acne.
  • Inflammation – The immune response that creates inflammation is also a contributing factor to the development of acne.
  • Hereditary – Some triggers may be out of a person's control. For example, men whose fathers experienced acne may be more likely to suffer from the condition.
  • Medications – There are certain medications such as lithium or steroids that have also been linked to the promotion of acne.

Problem Areas in Men

When it comes to treating acne specific to men, it is helpful to know how the condition commonly manifests in this group. Breakouts in men are typically seen on the face and back. And sometimes bumps on the face, which are due to shaving, are mistaken for acne.

Reducing Acne Breakouts

Since the development of acne is predominantly caused by factors associated with keeping the skin clean, it is wise to develop good skincare routines. This strategy focuses on developing systems that allow you to be mindful of caring for your skin as a natural part of your daily life. Not only will you be on top of your skin's health through preventative maintenance, but no matter where your breakouts may appear, you will know how to treat them.

Develop Skin Care Routines

Whether you experience acne or want to keep your skin blemish-free, developing routines that nourish your skin doesn't have to be time-consuming or expensive. The central aspect you want to address for promoting healthy skin and reducing acne is cleansing.

  • Face – Institute a daily cleansing ritual by washing your face in the morning and before bed. Simply use water and a cleanser for deep-cleaning pores. Products that contain salicylic acid are especially effective at reducing bacteria and eliminating breakouts.
  • Back – Make sure you are getting those hard-to-reach areas on your back when you're in the shower. Try using a cleansing brush and products formulated for controlling acne that lists salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide among the ingredients.
  • Shaving – When you have acne or other blemishes on your skin, you want to take extra care when shaving to ensure that you don't irritate the condition or cause scarring. Always use a clean blade to shave or maybe let your hair grow in a bit until the acne clears. And why not show your skin some love after shaving with a toner that gently exfoliates and combats acne.
  • Post-Exercise – Working out is excellent for your overall well-being, but not wiping away sweat after exercise can allow bacteria to grow. Showering after an intense workout is the best way to wash away bacteria from the body. And you can also easily treat your face to some extra care after hitting the gym by using facial clearing pads made for cleansing on the go!

Caring for your skin means taking control of your skin's health. Visit HIMistry Naturals to discover more about men's skincare and learn how you can get into your own skincare groove to feel and look your best.