HIMistry Naturals

Alpha Fragrance Gift Set by H.I.M


Alpha by H.I.M is a premium blended fragrance that is fresh and appealing to all that encounter it. The Cedarwood and Bergamot blends in this fragrance oil give it an appealing sensual experience. Alpha by H.I.M is a masculine and exotic fragrance blend.  Alpha has a rich and spicy aura that transports the wearer to a captivate state of mind where pure emotion meets nirvana.

 Alpha, Eau de Parfum concentrated fragrance is irresistibly seductive and unique. modern, optimistic, intimate, and masculine, like a second skin.

What’s Included:

Rosemary & White Tea Shave Gel - This shaving gel includes white tea extract, which is great for preventing the sun from damaging your freshly shaven skin. It also soothes irritated skin after shaving and prevents bacterial growth and ingrown hairs from forming. As a bonus, it has anti-aging properties.Top of Form

Argan & Grapeseed Pre-Shave/Beard Oil - Argan oil is definitely what you want in a beard/pre-shave oil if you’re looking to relieve itchiness and dryness. The oil also treats dandruff and dry skin, locking in moisture to keep your skin and hair hydrated. The grapeseed oil adds moisture as it cleans the hair and removes clogging oils that can prevent your beard from growing fast. Grapeseed oil boosts circulation to help increase beard growth.