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H.I.M-istry AHA Pads Customer Reviews

H.I.M-istry AHA Pads

Himistry’s Alpha Hydroxy Clearing Pads work double time to target both blemished skin and uneven complexions. The skin-toning benefits of black tea combined with gentle exfoliates help to balance pH levels in men’s skin, while also combating blackheads, fine lines and discoloration.


Facial at home.

I use Exfoliate, lactic pad and the toner spray and my skin looks like after facial in 5 minutes. I don't wash my face after and I can feel my skin working!


This should say "Facial-to-go"!!!

This stuff is amazing! It really is like a quick facial but with results like a full facial! My kids even love this for their acne.


good for travel

i love getting facials abroad, but sometimes they can be pricey. i love that these are TSA friendly and i can bring them with me. super easy to apply and dispose of. removes dead skin cells.


quick and easy

I love the idea of a quick exfoliation.


Amazing Treatment!

This product is great and really shows its effects immediately after use.


Makes skin so smooth!

This product is amazing and I notice its effects immediately after I use it.


Gentle Peel

I love the results of this product but I only give 4 stars because I wish the application pad would be bigger.


Great Mask

This is a great product I use twice week, it exfoliates and softens my skin extremely well.


Good for travel.

Pricey but great for travel. The glow is like after facial and I use it twice a week. I don't wash my face after even though it is sensitive I like the full benefits of lactic acid (anti aging).


A great exfoliator

I have used this product several times since I have received it in the mail and it makes my skin so clean and refreshed. I like the application technique too. It makes it a little more fun!



I've never really used something like this before, but I got it as a gift and gave it a try. It works great! Plus I have very sensitive skin and this didn't irritate it at all. I would definitely repurchase this product as well as recommend it to a friend. Totally worth it.


Great for sensitive skin

This is one of the reasons I really like HIM-istry products, everything I have tried is really great for sensitive skin, including these! I have rosacea so I have to be really careful particularly with exfoliators. I try and use these about once a week and after I do my skin feels so soft, almost like I've just gotten a facial! They brighten my skin as well. I highly recommend them. I almost feel like I don't need facials anymore since I have these!


Great for Pores

These wipes definitely improved the clarity of my skin and helped lighten some dark patches. My pores did get smaller. This product would be good for someone with enlarged pores.


Great product!!!!

Bought this almost 2 month ago, been using it 2-3 times a week. Wonderful result. After 2 weeks of using it, I can clearly see smaller pores and lighter skin, It does not make skin dry and you can definitely see the glow next morning. Love it!!!


Glow to go.

Love these pads! I use them 2-3 times a week, they are gentle yet effective. They pick my skin up, I instantly look healthy and refreshed. I don’t rinse after. Perfect for travel too.


Easy to Use and Great Results for Sensitive Skin

These exfoliating pads are effective and great to rotate in and out with exfoliate. I use these once a week or every other week at night and follow with a gentle serum and moisturizer for super soft and bright skin in the morning. Works well for my sensitive skin.


Great for that glow

I use this a few times a week to exfoliate. It does a great job while being very gentle. The only negative is the smell - a bit chemically, but it does not linger.


Gentle peel, leaves skin so smooth and soft immediately

I use peels fairly regularly so this peel felt very gentle. No peeling or redness afterwards, and I left it on for a little longer than the recommended 2 minutes. Immediately after washing off my skin was so smooth and soft. I like to do peels in the evening in case of redness, and I put on my moisturizer and D scar after so it can soak into my exfoliated skin. If you wanted to do this before makeup application I would imagine you would need less makeup and it would go on flawlessly.


An over 30 MUST have

If you want your skin to glow you MUST use some type of exfoliant. These will give you that post-facial dewy glow thanks to the gentle (but effective) glycolic acid. Seriously, I'm always better looking when I use these! When I"m really on top of my game I'm alternating these with her RetAsphere product. That keeps my skin fresh, clear, plumped and hydrated. Remember: NO point investing in quality skin care if you don't exfoliate to let those product penetrate. These little miracle workers will do the trick!


Great for travel!

I love that these are on pads instead of having to dispense a toner onto a cotton pad. It makes them easy to travel with and use. The product itself is also amazing. They make my skin feel soft and make it glow. They even out your skin's tone and texture after consistent use! Love them..


Awesome glow

Great for my acne skin white heads that are on my nose and cheeks. Can't live without this product give it five *****



I have been using this product for over 1 month now. It recommends to use the pads twice weekly, however i have been using them once a week and alternating mid weekly exfoliate product. I have been really pleased with the results. Thank you


what i expected

These are exactly what i was looking for. you peel off the plastic and rub in circular motions on your face. i could feel it start to tingle and work right away. i've been using them for about a month now and my skin feels great!


A professional peel at your fingertips

I recently ordered this product and it is absolutely amazing! My face is already smoother and brighter. I can't wait to see how much of a difference my skin has when I finish the entire pack. It is like a professional peel from an expensive facial at your fingertips. I will continue to purchase!


Peel the day away

Love this product! At first it took a little bit of getting used to, since the pads have a unique smell. But the improve, mets in my skin were undeniable. My pores appeared smaller, and I had less dry skin patches. Under my eyes appeared brighter, also!






Love it! The face feels like baby skin after using a few times of these convenient but yet powerful pads. Highly recommended!


Gentle and Effective

I first tried this when I received a sample and purchased a one month treatment. It did a really great job clearing up my skin and it feels like you've just received a facial.


Great for sensitive skin!

Just finished using this box for my first peel ever. I have sensitive skin and wasn't sure how these pads would work for me. I took the challenge and my skin is looking better than ever! It wasn't harsh or drying to my skin at all. I rotated using the peel pads and Exfolikate and my fine lines definitely look diminished. Love it!


Smells Great!

I used one set of these for the 28-day challenge. I do think my skin was softer and the tone evened out after the treatment. I was a bit concerned that I would have a bad reaction to it as I have very sensitive skin, but they seem to be gentle enough for my skin at least. My favorite thing about this product, however, is the scent!


My second purchase

This is my second round of the Clinic to Go Resurfacing Pads. I had some acne scarring that I wanted to remove. This product has helped start the fading process. Mind you its fairly strong but, I like that.


Works great, but don't use too often!

I these peel pads now that I've gotten used to using them a bit better this past year. I can't use them very often because they are intense for my skin, but I use them a couple times each month and have been very happy with the result!


Another Favorite!

I'm normally pretty nervous about any peeling products, especially because I have more sensitive skin during the colder seasons; luckily, I decided to try out the Pads! Not only is my skin smoother, it has a healthy glow that I really love. I honestly feel like I can go without sheer foundations and highlighters because of this product!


For Quick Peel - This Works!

I have spent a lot of time and money looking for and buying peels/resurfacing tools. I originally ordered the pads and got a moisturizer with them. I re-ordered the pads. They really work! My skin is soft and smooth after each use.


Great At Home Option

I have been using this product for a couple of months and am really liking it. I love the glow and smoothness it gives my skin. I tend to only use it once a week or every other week, as I use 2-3 times a week and don't need to do a deep sloughing more often than that. (Which is nice, the pack lasts a lot longer!)


I will always buy these as long as they are made!

My skin has never looked better. They really work! My skin is soft and smooth after each use.


Cleared out my dark spots

I had acne dark spots and it helped lighten them up. i try to do this quarterly as not to hurt my skin - just my own theory but it does work along with using other Himistry products.


Best At-Home Peel Ever!

I have pretty clear skin but I am a big fan of exfoliators primarily Himistry so I decided to take the plunge for the winter time and do an at-home peel. I love the luminosity my skin has now! It is so smooth and just looks so healthy. I have gotten so many compliments. It really gave me the glow that I needed. Love it so much I'm getting this product for my mom for her birthday!


Great exfoliator

Love these! Definitely better for sensitive skinned people than the Dr. Dennis Gross AB pads. I use them once a week (very sensitive skin) to keep everything healthy and fresh.


Healthy to go.

I received a sample of these, and after the first use, my skin felt so smooth. Yes, it does sting. But what's a little sting of pain for grooming? I just wished they said how often you should wait between your 4 week use of these? Or is it something you can do 2x week for as long as you want? Or should it be done once a season? That might help guide us, the consumers. Definitely don't want to overuse and make my skin worse. But these are little gifts of heaven for my skin! Oh, and yes, definitely moisturize afterwards!!!



Absolutely love these! I couldn't live without them. After I wash my face with the daily cleaner and use the toner I usually use this after only twice a week.I dont think it makes my pores seem any smaller but i definitely feel cleaner :)


Best Products

My goodness. There isn't enough space in this box to tell you how amazing this product is. Anytime I feel like my skin could use a pick-me-up, I whip out one of these pads and like magic my skin is radiant! It's also gentle enough that I used this product on the morning of my wedding without any fear of dryness/redness.


Works quite well!

I was so delighted at how easy to use this product was and how quickly it worked. With other peels, I have to keep the peel on my face for a much longer period of time with just the same results. I have rather sensitive skin and an autoimmune condition that flares up when my skin is overly irritated and I was so happy at how gentle yet effective this peel is. I am currently only on my first box but definitely plan on adding this product to my weekly routine!


It's my fourth pack!

I never use peel or exfoliator before trying this product. I was attracted by the description that it aims for problematic skin and bought three packs last Thanksgiving. I followed the frequency exactly. My skin got so much better during that time! Friends who saw me told me my skin looks radiant and no acne anymore. Now I moved to another location and my skin feel stressful again, so I ordered another pack. I noticed immediate change (smaller pores) after one application! Love this product, will definitely purchase again and again when there is discount.


AMAZING for all skin types!

I went my whole life without ever getting acne and in my mid-20's I got the worst breakout imaginable. It left me with horrible acne scars that would not go away, no matter how many different skin products I tried. I decided to try this because a friend recommended it to me. The difference was phenomenal! Most of the stubborn acne scars have faded and I'm back to having skin I am proud of. The nice scent of the product is also a plus!



I was hesitate to try this product at the beginning because it contains high concentrated AHA but my skin is very sensitive. However my friend told me that it worked well for her. Then I decided to give it a try. The pad is a little bit rigid at the edge, so try to use the central part of the pad to avoid scratching. After application, I feel a little bit sting which goes in few second. It smells like some herbs, which makes me think that they are natural ingredients. My skin tone did brighten up after a few uses. And I have less acnes, too.


Works for My Sensitive Skin

My skin is extremely sensitive, but I desperately need good exfoliation or it makes matters worse.I needed something stronger for enlarged, clogged pores. I gave this a try and really fell in love with it.


This products has changed my skin completely

I've tried so many different companies and products, and even the best ones only gave me okay results, and even those results didn't always last. Even when my skin was alright, I never got compliments on it, but I've had several people remark recently that I've got very nice skin. My face looks smoother and brighter and healthier than it ever has, AND my ridiculously sensitive skin can handle this peel. It tingles for sure, and I get a little pink while it's on, but it never hurts and the flush goes away in minutes after I rinse it off. Chemical peels have definitely burned my skin in this past, but this one is just perfect.


Great product

This is product which really brings back luminosity to the skin. I like it because of its travel friendly form, so its for you if you travel a lot or like convenient and mess free facial exfoliation. Due to great ingredients my face is soft smooth and exfoliated. But overall good stuff!



I use this religiously and I love the way it makes my skin look . It really makes a different with half the cost of an actual peel!! THanks!


AHA's are your friend!

I've been using this product for a month now, and getting great results. I'm a skincare afficionado, and I've tried other AHA treatments (Dr. Dennis Gross). This peel is stronger, I believe 10%, which I think is the strongest you can get without a prescription. It didn't irritate my skin, but I do use retinol and AHA's regularly--so keep an eye out if this is your first time--and check for irritation.


Perfect Exvoliator

I have been using this for 2 weeks now. It's perfect for acne prone skin. It does the exfoliating without over drying. I like to leave it on for 5-10 minutes instead of 2. Besides, the smell is good! I notice that my skin has gotten smoother - bumpy skin from my breakout episodes have begun to fade away


Great product! Amazing results!

This is basically like getting a salon peel in about 2 weeks. Works great. You can definitely see the difference over time. Definately recomend this to everyone. Works well with acne and oily skin.



Loving everything I've tried ,I decided to try based on the reviews. Boy, I was not disappointed! I've had a few professional low-grade peels at a dermatologist's office, and find these to be equally as good at a fraction of the cost. My skin, although fair, is hearty and I left the peel on overnight with no adverse reaction. I woke up smooth skin even noticing some pigmentation lightening. They are hygienic and packaged very well.


great product

My mom had these pads at her house and she let me try one, I was hooked! My skin felt so smooth after and I definitely noticed I difference in the texture after just one use. And it gave me a nice glow too. Does what it says it is going to do, very happy with this product. I plan on using these/doing the 28-day regimen a couple of times a year. Can't live without it product!



I absolutely love this product. It's so easy to use and brightens my face. I noticed results within a few weeks.


Quick and easy

These are terrific. I use them every now and then to get my skin fresh and glowing. I love the little pocket to put your fingers in when using the product. Tingles on the skin at first, but makes your face glow! Great for a quick pick me up.


Perfect to exfoliate!

I have been using the products for quite sometime. This is another favorite. the pad fits perfectly in your hand and can easily exfoliate your skin leaving it smooth and refreshed. --they definitely make exfoliating easy.



This product has been amazing at resurfacing my skin after an out break of roseca! I love it!


Great to use

I like using these pads - it's nice to have a face treatment that you can take on the go with you. They are strong but don't irritate the skin. I saw a difference within a few uses.


Removes fine lines..

After using for a couple of months now, I may truly attest the the effectiveness of this product.


Super Exfoliation !

This product works so well and I'm so happy that I made this excellent purchase. I have noticed a change in the texture of my skin, as well as it looking better and brighter. Amazing.


So good!

Love the fact I can use it on the go !



Complete Success!

I have been using the resurfacing peel pads for 4 weeks now (2 times a week). I can't believe how much they have worked. My skin feels so smooth and the dark spots are fading away. I feel so refreshed after using them. I am very pleased with this product and will continue to purchase these in the future.



I have tried several exfoliators and this is my favorite. There is a slight tingle after use, which makes me feel like it's working. I use 1 2x per week and am always pleased with how my skin looks after.



These resurfacing peel pads are amazing! I have very sensitive skin and they are one of the few products I have been able to use that helps minimize discoloration spots without over drying my skin. The box comes with 2 sets of 4 week peel regimens. I use exfoliate 1-2 times a week in addition to using these. I have definitely noticed an improvement in my skin!



Best peel pad ever. Dark spots lightening up . Thanks Himistry


easy to use!

This was very easy to use and sanitary. It's just like a facial at home! My face felt very smooth afterwards, but it didn't dry out my skin. I was a little red as well, but nothing too drastic. Awesome product


facial at home

I was interested in buying a high quality product that I could use myself instead of spending money on expensive facials. I use this 1-2x per week and it has helped my skin feel great. The first time, I scrubbed too hard and it burned just slightly, but I have not had any issues since lightening up on the application. I love to bring these when I travel too.


Great for a pick me up!

I love to use the pads whenever I feel that I have been neglecting my skin and I need to freshen up for special event. This product will completely transform your skin! I always use these pads a few weeks before a special event such as a wedding or reunion so that I know that my skin looks my best! Highly recommend!



Read that these are recommended by the author that wrote "how to look expensive!" Now I'm a fan!


Another review after 30 days of using...

Amazing! My acne scars are half as dark. I can't wait to see if all my scars will be gone after another 30 day regimen. =]


peel pad

OMG, I finally found the product I was always looking for I have an enlarged pores which I hate, and this really help decrease their size


Bright Skin!!

This product burns my face a little when applied, so I only use it once a week if I feel like my sensitive skin can handle it.. but the results are worth it!! Brighter, firmer, smoother skin instantly!


Pleasant surprise

I got this as part of a set (got the deep tissue repair also). At first I thought this was just okay but to be honest I scrubbed too hard. Once I tried again the next week, I did not rub as hard and have had no problems since. I have noticed it works wonders on my pores which was not really why I got it (got for discoloration). Give this one a try.

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